Wed, 30th July   1248

Model Sica → Whiny Maomao in a matter of seconds

Tue, 29th July   1324
can i ask which font did you use? /post/92856797246
from: Anonymous

Arial :)

hi ^^ /post/92856797246 where did you find it with eng subs?
from: Anonymous

Hi! Some sones like 9risse, taengsion and RedSunsetXIII did live translations on twitter. I got the japanese bits from them :)

Although, I would have preferred another ot9 reality show, TTS reality show is better than nothing so I'm excited for more Fany gifs from you ;)
from: Anonymous

Thank you ♥ Let’s hope SM makes the right decision and give us an OT9 reality show when they comeback ;)

can you recommend me some tiffany-biased blogs? :)
from: Anonymous

stephohwang, fanytastic09, tiffanytiamo, tiffbum :)

Tue, 29th July   1212
are u naked
from: Anonymous

Do you take a bath with clothes on

"i fucking gifed this while taking a bath guise" LMFAO WHAT now if that's not dedication idk what is
from: imyoonas

LOL I really wanted to gif that pig talk before I left ok! I had a flight to catch this morning and I wouldn’t be back until monday so… I did what I did lmao

Sat, 26th July   2200
and where can i download it now? sorry, if this question is so dumb..
from: Anonymous

Final-Taeng torrents are seeded for 1 week (if I remember correctly) so you can still get it there. If you prefer direct download, you can try SSF :)