hello if you have time can u make something like this with taeny? nathanshales. tumblr. com/post/89570362652/inspiration starshifters. tumblr. com/post/77056060348
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An edit like that will take forever for me to finish lol but let’s see. Edit for the next taeny day, maybe? :)

Well, in fact Caca is not as vulgar as Shit, I'd translate it more like poop. Anyway, nice nick ^_^

Um thank you..? lol

I'm sorry if i ask you but your nick in my language mean shit, the first part of nick .. i think is funny, when i see your post i always laughed so hard
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I can totally relate lol. ‘Tae’ in my language also means shit. I still remember how weird it was before whenever people would refer to Taeyeon as ‘Tae’ or ‘Taetae’ lmao

*hugs you real tight* would you please send this to the first 10 people on your dash to keep it going? Make someone’s day with a hug (ღ˘⌣˘)❛ั◡❛ัღ)
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are you gay?
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Thu, 28th August   2237
Just wanted to pop in and say that your gifs are awesome! Keep up the good work ^^
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Wed, 27th August   1150

Excited Taeyeon at the OC Fair

Hello! sorry to ask but may i know your sharpen setting for mv/vid 1080p/HD ? bc my sharpen look so awful and grainy... :( thank you so much~ :))
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Hi! Please check my faqs page :)

Hi >< i just want to ask if you happen to know how to download videos from Naver? thank you so much
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Have you tried the FDV downloader extension on google chrome?

Wed, 27th August   2323

"The purpose of The Taetiseo is to show TTS’s album preparation and things fans may be curious about like beauty and fashion"