what's the link of the video of these taeny gifs "mother-in-law/father-in-law"? 😁
from: Anonymous

Thu, 16th October   1574

Weird level: Taeny

Wed, 15th October   3412

Heechul’s advice to Taeyeon

Hello' :) can you make gif set of taetiseo episode where they were ask what freedom is'? I think it's on episode 5? Big Thank's. :)
from: Anonymous

Here you go :)

Tue, 14th October   2272

Freedom is..?

how do you keep yourself motivated? any tips? im currently feeling really lazy after coming back from summer to do any schoolwork right now :[
from: Anonymous

This always works for me :)

Do you listen to 2ne1? if so who's your favorite member and what is your favorite song
from: Anonymous

I do! My favorite song would prob be I am the best lol but I don’t have a favorite member

hi there! can you make a gif set of taeny messing around at :59 to 1:04? thanks lots! youtube[.]com/watch?v=T8wTqy3NQ3g
from: Anonymous

Done! Sorry I don’t feel like posting it here lol

Hello~ ive been loving ur snsd gifs a lot ㅠㅠ and so i hit that follow button as im lack of snsd posts! Keep the good works up im mich btw ㅋ
from: jinqki

Do you have kik?
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Thu, 09th October   3855