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and where can i download it now? sorry, if this question is so dumb..
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Final-Taeng torrents are seeded for 1 week (if I remember correctly) so you can still get it there. If you prefer direct download, you can try SSF :)

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1. 9 PM Korea Time (5 AM West Coast US, 8 AM East Coast US, 1 PM London) 2. 11 AM Korea Time (10 PM Eastern US, 7 PM Western US, 3 AM London) the two rush votes for SONEs on billboard every day;) can you please spread the word?


Vote here :)

hello, where did you watched jessica and krystal episode 08?
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Downloaded it here

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Krystal’s signature (?)

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Jungsis looking at the profiles of their possible house guests (2/2)

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Jungsis looking at the profiles of their possible house guests (1/2)

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Have you thought about wanting to quit SNSD?

Yuri: I’ve never thought about it even once.
Seohyun: Honestly, I’ve never thought about wanting to quit. During the hard times, I’m not alone and have 8 older sisters, so I can easily get over it.
Jessica: I think about it a few times a day. Like when rehearsals get really long, but I think that’s when my stress builds up. When I try to accomplish it I get satisfied and happy. So I feel like in a day I think about it a few times, but then each time it goes away.
Taeyeon: I feel like the name of SNSD has gotten heavy, like a weight on my shoulders. Since we’re a team I feel that all the more.
Yoona: During the 2nd tour, I got really weak. I felt like SNSD’s schedules are too hard, so if there wasn’t that I’d be healthy. It’d be a chance to concentrate more on my job; I quibbled about it with my manager. That was the first time I wondered what would happen if I quit SNSD.
Hyoyeon: Besides wanting to quit, what do I have to do to work harder. For what have I made such an effort until now. There was a time when I was confused.
Sooyoung: I’ve lightly thought about it when I can’t do some things I’d like to do. But to really quit…I haven’t gone as far as thinking that I need to quit SNSD.
Sunny: The job of an entertainer is hard, so I’ve thought about trying to live life not as one, however, that’s different from wanting to quit SNSD.
Tiffany: The feeling of trying hard and getting over it is more (than wanting to quit), so I’ve never thought about really quitting. Rather, I feel the importance of SNSD even stronger than before.

Translation by RedSunsetXIII (redsunset on SSF)

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